July 1, 2022

SQL Server has at least three checksums or manifest hashes for functions: CHECKSUM(), CHECKSUM_BINARY() and optionally HASHBYTES() . Here we discuss the differences between them and howHow to choose the right option for a specific new use case.

Function Representation

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Returns a specific checksum of a value, a list, or the values ​​of an entire string. clause

This is recommended by the documentation for creating a sql server hash index. The example below creates this hash index for all rows in the cart:

ALTER TABLE user Row_checksum add AS CHECKSUM(*);WALKCREATE INDEX idx_row_checksum PER user (row_checksum);GO

Two value checklists produce the same result if their types can match and they are declared in the same order. Otherwise, those people will usually have different return values. Similarly, changing the value of a will usually changes its checksum.

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